Eco Cà

Our wood purchase policy:

Cà Dovani loves wood, which is a fundamental element of life on our planet: since when it is a plant and until when it becames a noble material for the construction of furnitures. This is the reason why we use EUROPEAN wood, coming from cultivated plantations or from cuts or programmed reforestation. We are very sensitive to the maintenance of forests.

We give some indication about the origin of our wood.

The Toulipier is native to East Coast of the United States of America and has been long PLANTED in Europe as an ornamental plant and timber. Being a tree with a stem that grows tall and straight, provides a suitable timber to a large number of uses and is particularly appreciated for its excellent response to treatments with paints, and stains.

The Poplar has spread throughout Europe, almost to the Arctic Circle, and is PLANTED in Italy on fertile soil, moist and not too hard (generally in the plains and near streams). Being a particularly ductile wood, it lends itself to many uses including the manufacture of furniture.

The Fir grows in mountain areas across Europe at altitudes between 500 and 2100 meters above sea level and is subject to programmed cuts and reforestation. Its timber is highly appreciated in construction and in the furniture manufacturing because it contains no resin (present only in the cortex) and responds well to the impregnation and painting.

All our furniture are the result of an artisan production, worked with passion by masters of wood that have been making this work for three generations, handing down models and processing techniques. They are very proud of their italian skill in building wood objects and furnitures. These historical craftsmen, who daily create beautiful pieces of furniture, believe in the quality of their work and remain faithful to natural materials and tradition. The quality of our furniture is guaranteed by the use of solid wood and the structure is built with simple joints and dovetail, cold glue and larger thicknesses; they are also finished one by one with the utmost attentionfor details.

Our daily efforts is to return the right value to things done right, the right price for solid wood, the proper attention to the quality of the finishes. The furniture and all the products Cà Dovani have a particular value as they live in symbiosis with the house and return over and over to be used increasing their value.